Farm Stewardship Program

The Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) provides eligible Saskatchewan producers with financial assistance to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) to help maintain or improve the quality of soil, water, air, or biodiversity resources.

The Ministry of Agriculture defines a BMP as any agricultural management practices which:

  • Ensure the long-term health and sustainability of land-related resources used for agricultural production;
  • Positively impact the long-term economic and environmental viability of agricultural production; and
  • Minimize negative impacts and risk to the environment.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, please visit Applying to the Farm Stewardship Program.

The program includes 24 BMPs under seven categories which include:

  • „Livestock Site Management;
  • „Manure Management;
  • „Land Management;
  • „Irrigation Management;
  • „Precision Farming;
  • „NEW Agriculture Waste Management and;
  • „NEW Environmental Solutions.